21 November 2012

Wear The Wreath And Tunic Gladly (rev)


In a mood of manic moment
fraught beside a wise proponent
tied to old established habits
bandied in their anxious ambits
groomed to suffer bad disposals
winnowed in the wanton wind.

Would you could begin again
to usher in your favoured team
chasing dreams you chose together
wear the wreath and tunic gladly
win the crown with limber gestures
dance to adulation sadly

Had you run your prospect badly
failed in races meant for winning
fell or faltered limbs a-spinning
crashed or sundered in the gambit
gambled, lost and died in transit
but you didn’t, lived the moment

stand beside the wise proponent
gazing on the greater glory
chaste, ashamed; this is your story
revel in the happy ending
yours is glory all transcending –
winnowed in the winsome wind.
© I.D. Carswell 2007