19 November 2012

Old Gympie Road

Old Gympie Road’s no-longer a mystery
never drove direct to Beerburrum State
Forest from the Caboolture back-blocks
before but just last Saturday that jaunt
revealed itself humanely. 

Not suggested if spaced for time or a bit
faint-hearted – even 4WDs find parts of
it tough; horse and dray character of its
origins are pretty much retained so the
rough blends with very ordinary

Not an obvious route in rain for reasons
guessed easy, a wide berth is best until
creeks drain and the wet subsides; clay
impresses deeply in places and all such
cavernous ruts will wheel you astray

That is food for thought as you cruise a
weekender’s ‘off-roader’ haven – great
for foolhardy, connoisseur and brave it
projects original beauty with no false
manifestations, you see what you get

So we’ve done that track despite all the
cautious iterations one heeds wisely, to
wear affirmation of what makes country
folk and their roads an informative face
of grounds to avoid main thoroughfares
© 13 October 2012, I. D. Carswell