20 November 2012

Opaque Surreality

This is a small compensation for being
almost frustrated – okay, borderline
aggravated by a problem so simple it
defies definition; that it could be real
in the first place is opaque surreality

Here I am writing a dissertation on
Helen’s PC – which ‘sees’ mine and
comfortably converses with it, me,
the Internet & Heaven knows who
or whatever else out in Lulu Land

That it wouldn’t play ball in any way
at 6:30 am goes without saying, so it
won’t be said – yet by 8:30 there was
a capitulation & a weird diagnostic
revelation changed something

A firewall connection was made inter
alia to an approved network elected
as safe and things were ‘different’ –
it said, you’ve joined and can see
each other with WiFi clarity

If it works I’ll ‘Save As’ this doc to a new
one on my own PC 50 feet away in the
study – then I’ll begin again from there:        

and here I am, feet next to the silently
flatulent Podge under the desk

He mightn’t be doggy Muse for poetry
but he shrewdly keeps counsel when it
is read – he understands complication
and instead of mute approval barks to
the moon late at night

Right now he won’t see much beyond
relief evident that whatever caused the
glitch disappeared thru a network name
change – well, whatever; meantime
we’ll both try and stay sane

© 26 October 2012, I. D. Carswell