12 November 2012

Party Animal

2012-09-29 14.59.16

You can’t say ‘bad dog’ in a manner that suits
this indiscretion – but there was a party going
on ‘n, well, the music was so impressive with
that barbeque timbre too inviting to ignore; I
just popped in to chew th’ fat with all th’ lads
‘n next thing its early morning with a hint of
drizzly rain appealing more’n any rancour I’d
likely face when I returned home

Then you arrived requesting where the party
animal was & if he’d like a ride back; I went
a bit shy quite naturally – I mean, me mates
were there, hung-over a bit ‘n all that but so
stunned ‘n amazed someone’s out in th’ rain
looking f’ me so early Sunday morning
© 30 September 2012, I. D. Carswell

Podge gate crashed a function at Mango Hill
late Saturday afternoon, stayed partying all
night and was visibly a wee bit contrite at
being picked up in the Ute Sunday morning.