02 November 2012

Sunday Largesse


A day where seven games of rugby
made the difference between being
borderline or on the insane side of
the fence; it isn’t offered for free –
with pay TV Sports access Sunday
largesse needs an alibi – and time
surplus to watch some of the finest
matches ever played – and all truly
made in Heaven!

Also one where the blue strip teams
expert demurred because he slunk
into a garden party and crashed &
burned (with the ignominy of a late,
late rescue); uncool for this Jack
Russell Terrier’s impressive rep tho
earned thru notoriety, & he’s slept
shamelessly since as games battled
on beyond his bedroom sanctuary

Our stress-free plan was for eating
spaghetti carbonara made faithfully
to a ‘Googled’ recipe at mid game
interval of the next bout – however
the beer consumed opined I’d be a
wee bit let down – and ingredients
neatly arrayed counted out in the
draw as the game’s lotto went into
a well ordered overtime

But where intrigue failed in league
with hysteria commonsense actually
prevailed and cooking did take place,
His High JRT’ness even made a sortie
just in case spaghetti with parmesan,
pancetta and enough garlic to polish
teeth was his favourite; still didn’t
watch a game tho’ – all blue teams
lost introspectively anyway
© 30 September 2012, I. D. Carswell