19 December 2012

Click Ends Angst


It wasn’t a vacation – the travel visa
failed to specify where or to whom it
specifically applied – and if or of any
inclusions or deletions; so we are off
and sailing with new System Restore
margins guaranteed to rectify all the
embuggerances of failed installations
and impecunious add-ons

Instructions weren’t meant for naive
user levels of thought it seems, sure
a solid plug for technical support but
we’re at the crossroads and the view
is awesome and the cry ‘press on’
which we’re simply unable to resist

Deletions are quick and thorough to
an insane degree, especially to one
who sat through lengthy sequenced
upgrades a couple of days back; and
then it’s ended with mild news we’re
still okay and ready to start over

Then journeying truly begins! We’re
aware security is breached but leakage
isn’t untenable and we’re downloading
latest versions of same software which
failed to install properly during a last
iteration – oh, it all seems too weird

But we persist in face of the greater
discomfort from its original causality,
already reboot sequence has cleared
and on-board system management can
see things which were obscured in the
old network connectivity

So half-way, sort of, from somewhere
unsustainable and near to where we’d
want when security says it is time to
reactivate licensing; we can breathe a
sigh of relief – their money is already
secure and a click ends angst
© 9 November 2012, I. D. Carswell

It was quite a saga – System Restore parameters meant all the most recent
upgrades had to be reinstalled again after establishing a new restore point.
But dang, its sure fixed all of last month’s niggles...