20 December 2012

Not Like Waiting


It’s not like waiting for Godot,
I know who’s coming well –
unlike Estragon and Vladimir
I’ve met the man, identify
with him from prior times;
my wait will be at ease until
he’s here

But who or what he brings is
news I may not want to hear
another unsure turn within a
deck of cards a dealer vends
with shaking hands – or is it
only me; we both depend on
graciousness to win

If what I stood to lose would
be repaid by what has gone
we’d win accord; & integrity
without a doubt or snares is
far too rare to factor from a
mess where little seems to
be so de rigueur

Sceptic as I am or better yet
a man who lost the will to be
a lesson learned I’ll keep the
cheer through pleasantness –
we’ll see a truth of eyes too
bruised from tears to care if
ever yet the answer’s yes
© 10 November 2012, I. D. Carswell