08 December 2012


Its frustration worthy of contempt – and
there’s nothing to stand in the way of it,
no rubric saviour when all rule-of-thumb
gigs fail; damn thing’s got its own set of
flexible etiquette & zero attempts sway
it. Another hour & I’d’ve been emphatic
putty in the grandly expensive hands of
a network technician – but suddenly – 

Network signal strength bars are again
clear, an excellent internet connection to
Raunchy 2, yet regression plagues now
and then and Raunchy (less the 2) has
an authority stamped & bedevilled mark
exclaiming – no network available 

But one is; byte send/receive strings are
shown pedantically clear on screen – the
problem, it says, is no internet access –
but it may be a security glitch, a bug in
the firewall without an implicit label – or
an undefined penchant for retrogression 

You needn’t be too astute to see a crappy
conspiracy afoot – whoever assuaged this
WiFi setup knew who he worked for but it
won’t pay wages, we’ll be rebooting and
using QSS buttons in stages regularly to
keep this one under wraps
© 1 November 2012, I. D. Carswell