21 December 2012

Weird Connotations

Weird Connotations

Was an extended time arriving,
came with weird connotations; 
imagine vacuuming a bed, you’d 
see it as the dreadfully vacuous 
idea of absorbing images of what 
isn’t purity easily and then simply 
aspirate them a better way

In truth it wasn’t my plan, can’t
say it’s wasted however, already 
anarchic winds of change affect
defaults in our peer network; it’s 
trending towards a conceptually 
united, holistic view we’d never 
have speculatively imagined

Separate and individual entities 
can share the same bed without 
compromise it says – and there 
diagrammatic evidence implies 
we’re using equivalent protocols 
for comparable ends yet define 
them in very different ways

The vacuuming inspiration’s just  
a way of allaying figurative dust 
that settled, it’s had a field day 
since we became a team, setting 
about belittling objectives that’re  
implied in where we’re at; now  
we’re seeing wood from trees

We’ve yet to survive a week of 
this amazing revelation – after a 
third load of washing’s hung out 
we’ll probably agree it’s as clean 
and dry a view as ever desired of 
who we are and what we were; a 
networking dream’s fenestration 
© 12 November 2012, I. D. Carswell