13 January 2013

About The Same


ain’t the smartest clerk but I think I keep
the books straight – so I’m amazed when
the accountant says, you’ve over-claimed

a matter of GST – golly gosh ‘n gee whiz,
I keep debit hard copies of each bitching
bit of the fizzy tax paid per transaction

perhaps what he’s saying really is, hey, it
seems you’ve claimed something maybe
irregularly but, be that as it may, if you

want, call us up and we’ll talk it through –
make proper etc., adjustments for you, &
in the meantime, here’s our agents fee

now I’d say that’s where dissonance sets
in – my supposed over-claim and the fee
seem to be just about the same
© 4 December 2012, I. D. Carswell