06 February 2013

Right Way Around

A night to ponder I guess – perhaps reminder
there’s more to slumber than forty winks of a
a sunup yawn; tho’ a balmy evening signs of
gathering heat were in evidence, our belated
endeavour of stirred air failed to defeat tepid
ennui yet sleep slid sweetly into impartiality.
Waking to movement in the wee hours was a
welcoming return to the right way around

Whoever said sleep’s a discipline to be lauded
preyed mercilessly on the weak and the easily
persuaded – while head to the foot of the bed
may sweeten ceiling fan’s ministrations it also
indiscreetly breaks traditions instilled where
expectations are to wake at top of the sheet

Today I will be enervated by a Poppa nap I’ve
earned the hard way – and I’ll take it in good
stead, privileged in learning to seek my own
discretionary breaks where comfort comes in
yawns, the eyes blink out and nirvana seems
but a step away
© 3 January 2013, I. D. Carswell