15 June 2013

All In The Fold

A good way to begin this day would
be cleaning the bedside floor – clothes
that were discarded here have limply
lain despaired a month or more;

A couture smorgasbord I see – not in
deference to bad habits but, say, an
explanation for simply arrayed items
easily found and comfortable to wear

But there are always complications to
satisfying routines one wallows in; it
seems temperature is in league with
unseasonal dreams on diffidence, so 

While one may survive the warmer
times with less Winter’s not given to
such concessions – and any extra
woollen largesse is welcomed, thus

Spatial concerns soon intervene – it
means a narrowed pathway betwixt
window & bed needing extra careful
negotiation, especially in the dark

Because she who sleeps soundly also
folds clothing from each wash with a
profoundly intriguing habit of storing
them out of sync in the spare room

But without thinking of grounds her
awakening in the dark from indiscrete
clamour deems a potential connection
between crazy nocturnal behaviour

And a neurotic fixation derived from
irrational belief items of clothing ought
to be properly stored in drawers in the
room where one actually sleeps
© 23 May 2013, I. D. Carswell