11 July 2013

‘Couched’ Invitation



This wedding request is warmly
accepted, it says all things germane
to a celebration dawning; they’re
special – all three – we’ll rejoice
in their joining

There’s classique simplicity in the
invitation, absorbing verbosity – and
purely expressed ethereal whimsy
capturing the way one
reflectively reads

It covertly says ‘Our thirty five
year old couch is is at the end
of its days,’ a tribute in pathos
paid with honesty and
genuine regret

And we can understand, no
wracking grey-matter about meaning;
there’s a wishing-well feeling
this is indeed a rare and
fitting scheme

So we’ll play patrons guided
to subscribe the way this request
suggests – wrapping-paper reveries
will wait on the day a brand-new
divan arrives

But we’re truly here to witness
an understanding Michelle and
Grant now formally embrace;
this is their day and equally,
Kiara plays a unique part

There is no bathos intended
in saying it’s a great privilege
well worth awaiting cause to
celebrate – and to reflect on a
well-couched invitation
© 8 May 2013, I. D. Carswell

For Michelle, Grant, & Kiara