27 August 2013

Bliss Indeed



It wasn’t unreasonable & you can accept that
while a burden to you, there wasn’t malice in
it; reasoning had been explained – everyone
knew, all were comfortable in doing the right
thing while you pontificated on who and why
and whether it’s really accountability; but at
back of it – your contemporaneous history of
manic injections against febrile imagination

Firstly, vaccine was free for all of those shots
preventing outbreaks of school diseases, jabs
administered by Public Health Nurses, then in
the Military where all wear palliative scars of
similar unfettered largesse; it never deterred
malice of less infamous epidemics – no way

But Pertussis (whooping cough) slips aside as
an infection extremely dangerous to babies – a
no-brainer when you’re really proud as punch
be a grandparent. So it’s a compromise best
accommodated with good grace; the jab may
make you feel a bit woozy, but then the

Smile on a newborn’s face is bliss indeed
© 30 July 2013, I. D. Carswell