26 August 2013

Cellar Views


Monday load of washing underway – dishes dried
and stacked with kitchen mopped suggests we’re
not disorganised; although disquiet exists it is an
office of regret, a shadowed fugue dismayed with
shallowness, an early edge of sanity expressed in
tones subdued, blurred in morning’s mist, greyed
and sombre ‘til the sun abrades this icy shell with
rays of florid gallantry and clement graciousness

Today begins a balancing of weights & measured
attitudes surveyed in weeks of data preyed from
staked intransigence; too late to raze the cellar’s
tenant views of who is cause of this, too fresh an
ordinance to clue just where this journey and it’s
consequence intends to lead or shrewdly bends
© 26 August 2013, I. D. Carswell