29 September 2013

Noxious Leer Party

It is farcical to suggest Tony Abbott’s front bench 
will be better served with less woman unless it’s 
put into context; just who did he have to appoint 
anyway? Julie Bishop & her cross-eyed stare is 
a survivor from way back - her hair’s seen days 
hairdressers’d regret but she’s been there done 
that - so seeing her a ‘token lady’ falls well short 
of the real portent which is outright blasphemy 

The ‘Bott’ hasn’t much time for ladies anyway - 
oh, he’ll tolerate a few as deference to bigger 
issues including good manners but he couldn’t 
change his hirsute pursuit chauvinist habits to 
be damned a few favours - nor could the NLP, 
now aptly renamed the Noxious Leer Party 
© 17 September 2013, I. D. Carswell

In deference to Chauvinism - & the aptly 
renamed LNP, Julie has a hard row to hoe