02 November 2013

Isn’t News

Dyslexic - but not unintelligent, definitely, unless 
the open mouth’s distressing theories about who 
has a problem; ‘Art’ is or isn’t pornography when 
maybe its derivations are showing it, but maybe 
its the same to claim you’re ‘deviant’ anyway, & 
simply for knowing. Ignorance appeals mostly to 
whomever wants to influence you - you’ve been 
in that box before so truly it isn’t news 

So the last dyslexic words were uttered leaving 
an impasse of understanding - how’d you think 
I’d feel seeing pornography - geeze - uh, same 
as me? No? Well actually you weren’t seeing it 
I was, & I’m thinking, like - what you don’t want 
to be actually ‘knowing’ is - seeing it as me 

© 16 October 2013, I. D. Carswell