03 November 2013

Voices Of Dissent

If half of it explained the other half, then 
the ill-at-ease sense should fade as it’s 
debate crescendos - you’ve been like it 
for days the first half argues, bleariness 
incarnate, making no headway; why me 
the other half says, you’re just as much 
to blame but I don’t see you making an 
apology for such clearly dismal failure 

And it goes on, both blaming each other 
for what neither sees personally as their 
own inadequacy - so I buy into it saying 
next you’ll be seeing me as the culprit
and hey, both instantly agree - its given 
the complicit thumbs-up assent 

You’re both crazy I bleat - deserting me 
in my moment of need, you’re neither a 
whole nor an idea of the entity we’d be 
but I’m better already; get thee hence - 
from here on I won’t hear any voices of 
dissent unless they’re only from me ... 

© 21 October 2013, I. D. Carswell