28 December 2013

Brain Outage

staying silent on judgement makes you an 
accessory if you don’t necessarily connote 
reason. If ‘cause’ is stupidity - one cannot 
claim ‘brain-damage’; admission suggests 
there was one in the first place, but in this 
instance, maybe no. What we’ve got here 
is a case where there was ‘no hot water’ -
accusatorially posited with you don’t care 

if fans don’t work and electricity’s gotta be 
repaired to meet our as yet undefined but 
special future needs. So we deduce its an 
immediate hot-water cylinder replacement 
solution but, oddly, find an inflow-valve to 
the hot water supply has been turned off 

now what on earth does that say about a 
group of three living together without any 
clues why hot water simply ceased flow? 
Presumably one had to know - you’d not 
need plumbing skills to surmise a brain 
wasn’t switched-on somewhere 

© 30 November 2013, I. D. Carswell