20 January 2014


It is shame which bided its time perhaps 
wisely; there’s no clear gain dismantling 
strictures against rhymeless, mortifying 
bureaucracy, or grievous self-flagellation 
for myopic sins of your late fathers 

Safe ground’s the deed for constructing 
inclusiveness - where what is a state of 
futureless view blooms ideas of We and 
what it really means, that new Nations 
birth out of still warm-ashes of old 

When old regimes viewed vulnerability 
they sensed diminution of an exclusive 
worthiness espoused in a deference to 
their fragility, and in so doing admitting 
whom it proved needed to change 

That moment now makes even a most 
reticent jingoist sense prodigious events 
loft in gentle winds of change. There’s an 
air of incredulity tinged with great relief it 
happens without disastrous calamity

© 23 December 2013, I. D. Carswell