19 January 2014

Gastric Flu

crook, and no damned deference to 
evident debilitation, damned gastro 
wont go away; this one clings like a 
strangler fig 'tho hasn’t laid me out 

isn’t to say it won’t yet. Th' bastard 
is content to lurk indecently without 
demonstrating its full power - like it 
can effect bad taste at any instant 

you could say it’s worse to be sick 
in symptoms not blowing all ends 
massively, or crawling between an 
involuntary act and flushing panic 

don’t mind being freed the physical 
catastrophe but would like nagging 
headache and lack of energy to quit 
on back of stomach almost at peace 

© 22 December 2013, I. D. Carswell