18 January 2014


It was an invitation to share a little glory 
even if defined in the wake only a poem 
can make - a passage where we co-join 
in appreciation of verse; - but there is a 
mystery, I’m addressed as Alan, maybe 
Angelina had him on her tongue before 
she began cutting and pasting. Course 
I don’t mind, I’ll do th' work, she’d take 

credit, a new book of poetry 'Lust' will 
featured in Poetry from the Orchard; th' 
poet, Diana Raab, would be seen a fair 
afield as she’d ever desire 'nd I’ll bathe 
in limelight Rare Bird Lit might shake in-
to a gracious offer to fĂȘte me too… 


© 20 December 2013, I. D. Carswell