25 April 2014

Eloquent Gestures

Yes, almost back in creative mood again - less 
distractions of platitudinous vacuity I’m still me 
surely, bored to tears as a rule, & then anxious 
for not having motivation to make more waves 

Wasn’t always this way, there was a time when 
words crashed, ruling unrestrained on a strand 
no-one set ardour's standards for, or they kept 
their silent vigil upon it out of an awed respect 

But those days are gone - now even devotees 
see less in unrestrained affectation; overmuch 
posturing they say, if you can ride the crest do 
it, don’t expect your hand gestures to explain 

Well, let this lesson stand for all of us then, its 
a salutation with the expression we still care a 
wee bit for the past where we were restrained 
by not knowing exactly what we’d become 

© 14 February 2014, I. D. Carswell