29 April 2014

Flight MH370

This is the less parlous state of regret 
all that intrigue exhausted your sense 
of equivalence; nothing seemed sane 
disappointment abraded to mourning 
as last hopes waned. Eventually we’ll 
see a translation of events - where all 
those speculations & weighted words 
bandied intently finally make sense 

And debris will be found explaining or 
making the clarity of how or even why 
the plane flew at 180 degrees to true 
course out of controlled airspace and 
no-one in authority baulked, quibbled 
or questioned its legitimacy; the event 

Wont go away easily - secrets have a 
tendency to reveal more paranoia for 
public distaste than reflections of an 
unintended international conspiracy - 
keeping truth hidden will break even 
that code of rapt disingenuousness 

© 28 April 2014, I. D. Carswell