29 April 2014

Hinged Teeth

The ‘Bott’s’ budget’s got the lot, 
Ole’ Joe ‘simpatico’ Hockey as 
fall guy if it bounces too high & 
steadfast affirmation he did not 
porky pie about ‘no tax rises’ in  
making election promises; its a 
glib, tongue-in-cheek avowal of 
his contemporaneous fame 

Tony’s our ‘ring master’ slaying 
the opposition with epithets too 
raw to be applied equally when 
he’s in the chair - they’re ‘ne’er 
do well’s’ who caused a budget 
deficit he’s been at pains to fix 

That’s no lie, its an obvious fact 
we will have to live with for the 
time being; but we’ll be back in 
black real soon ‘cause he’s the 
fork-tongued saviour baring his 
unquestionably hinged teeth 
© 29 April 2014, I. D. Carswell