05 April 2014


Wasn’t ‘sinful’ miscalculation - but by 
deeming my MacBook Air diseased I 
crossed a boundary not too far away; 
okay, it was a forgiving situation & no 
blame or censure implied, yet way off 
beam surmising a cause; my opinion, 
incessant rain might’ve had a hand in 
it, but exactly how? Unlike lightening

Excess humidity is mysterious yet no 
burgeoning signature suggesting it’s 
wreaked infamy; so we seek ‘c’est la 
vie’ as a cautionary clause blessed if 
you believe email is its primary seed 
in some sort of eerie system failure 

And there it seems lies an indecency, 
if you want to let denizens of fate out 
& run free, equate email standby the 
same duties as gate keeping; even if 
told to sleep it has to stay half awake 
because thus the logic demands 

But in the event no mystery unfolds - 
the much maligned logic board, tired 
of being told to associate indecently - 
hardly Apple credo we’re assured, & 
worn to a husk - regrettably gave up 
in disgust, and as such had expired 
© 31 March 2014, I. D. Carswell