09 April 2014

The Question

Beefing you missed out again begs 
a misleading question - it suggests 
repetitive failure equates to lack of 
favour but inference sez: therefore 
you’re still really in - despite trying 
to change a status quo and to be 
avowed out - yet you see it as the 
opportunity you’ve missed again

But a tongue-in-cheek, in-lieu idea 
of lingua suggests it isn’t ‘in or out’ 
but whether you’re getting relief; i.e.,
for being denied opportunity to set 
goals for being out; you disagree - 
doesn’t that change the meaning of 
missing out - like saying it probably 
has something to do with sex 

That’s ‘making out’ - hardly the same 
unless ‘missing out’  implies you are 
not getting any, serious implications 
we’re trying to clear up here. So are 
you considered in or out? Dunno, I 
guess I missed the question - again

© 8 February 2014, I. D. Carswell