03 April 2014


You’d call it a bonus of sorts 
or the kind of benign frivolity 
which compensates without 
hidden clauses; yes, there’s 
a message here, it says like 
you avoided something - not 
by shunning what it is, or by 
being utterly innocent 

far from it - you’d dance on 
its grave were it in one, yet 
truth is it’d be yours just as 
easily - if you’ll played foot-
loose and fancy free a mite 
longer mowing. You know 

that dust is an allergen - at 
best you’re just versed in its 
worst moods but still tilt the 
windmill - what kind of brain 
does that; ah, one affected 
by allergen you’ll glibly say 

© 18 March 2014, I. D. Carswell