12 April 2014

Rain Check

So its your first day on Planet Earth; we bid you 
you welcome with fondest greetings; it is clearly 
seen you’ve an open pass & thus are privileged 
to choose anything you wish to be 

You’d like to ask how on earth they know this
or would if it made sense, but daren’t, its risky 
assuming anything as you aren’t sure where 
your feet are set, or are actually yours - and

Asking - Where am I, isn’t de rigueur; it seems 
rude to not accept you’re really where they’ve 
stated; perhaps it is better expressed - I do not 
understand how I come to be here - which is - 

Where, please? The nub of it, sure’s yesterday 
you’d a fair idea but, if this is the first day that’s 
clearly in error - so where were you before this 
existence came into magical being 

Nowhere - at least in the sense you weren’t of 
this reality, & therefore couldn’t be anyone but 
whomever you were, whereas here your pass 
permits that to be whatever takes your fancy 

Err, can I have a rain check on this; if its okay 
with you I’m happy as a nobody who’s grist in  
th’ breeze being nothing in particular, and yes 
I’ve done it before, really its easy 
© 17 February 2014, I. D. Carswell