11 April 2014

Safely Aground

And we take a fool’s view of reality, see the 
things we want are pinned to the mast; ok, 
we’ll assert, nothing’s innocuous here and 
change subjects as we play for that laugh. 
It’s a good ‘un, full of risible ire about how 
we’re always Patsy’s to others sinking on 
the same ship - and had we our druthers 
we’d be as likely to croak about ‘em too 

But the joke’s a bit care-worn - there’s an 
air of lethargy suggesting we despair the 
same haggard old platitudes - like where 
were you when the boat foundered - aha, 
pinned to the mast like promises we’d be 
safely aground again real soon 

© 19 February 2014, I. D. Carswell