10 April 2014


Now I can agree with this - tho’ it seems a trite 
perhaps tongue-in-cheek slight at ‘hierarchies’ 
of human behaviour; for non-cognoscenti - let 
me explain - you read it from the bottom up!! 

It obviates, as such, needs for prioritising just 
where you’re at in a scheme of being human - 
if you don’t have WiFi - you do not exist - and 
self-actualisation needs you be alive, trust me 

There’s no need worry about any of the rest if 
you’re not part of the initial scene, no-one will 
know or care, you’ll be insecure, no friends to 
comfort you, no self-esteem, a hollow death  

Let’s take a test as to whether you’re actually 
in existence; so how d’you like your coffee? I 
like it sugarless - hot in a mug with a touch of 
foamed milk - and none of those ‘non-dairy’ 

Substitutes whether lactose free, made from 
nuts or grain - fat skimmed off of a plain, flat 
tasteless desecration - no siree, I am still an 
original cows full-milk weaner on the rise 

To see me drinking a cold coffee while doing 
emails in bed would doubtlessly surprise you - 
made of my sweetheart’s favourite ‘non-dairy’ 
blasphemy, but served with tender panache 

Truly I didn’t notice! With WiFi I’m on another 
plane, higher needs are compensated for - to 
sustain, comfort and bless; & as if you didn’t 

know that - from being similarly wirelessed 
© 10 April 2014, I. D. Carswell