17 May 2014

Another Card

It could have been amusing - if I hadn’t 
taken the same line, and so we request 
a MyPost concession - you need be an 
approved recipient: Federal Concession 

Cards of Veterans' Repatriation Health, 
Department of Veterans' Affairs, Health 
Care, Commonwealth Seniors Health & 
Pensioner Concession earn the money 

These statuses your mean stamps will 
stay at 60c - at least for the time being: 
but you do need to apply - and therein 
humour lies - with staff learning all the 

Whys and wherefores; I have to return 
my first $3 book of five stamps, they’re 
not free - those are on their way to me 
in the mail, with my new MyPost card… 

© 28 March 2014, I. D. Carswell