16 May 2014

Classical Guilt

I stand within my own perceptions of reality. 
It doesn’t mean all others rejected - I know 
they exist but I’m not driven off any elegant 
arguments persisting for one over another 

What I experience, or dream into fidelity, is 
good enough; there isn’t a need to dig into 
troughs of other’s lees seeking a universal 
enlightenment, & its for free without ‘em

When I need relate to misconceptions on 
what’s really meant by ancients reference 
to events of millennia past I ask - can you 
see those things happening - 

A process of imaginary reconstruction is 
what recreates tracks which lead back to 
the same bygone conclusions - without a 
perceived shift in time and space 

So, is it your imagining which keeps this 
reality continuing; - didn’t happen to me 
I’m pleased to say; I let the events lapse 
without the continuum of your thinking 

So I’m free to follow whatever I perceive - 
and it is a clean slate - without a classical 
guilt you’ve condoned as innate and now 
seem to have just reconnected to 

© 11 March 2014, I. D. Carswell