02 May 2014


The footie today was a bonzer game between 
Castres and Stade Francais - it seemed close 
but in the 2nd half Stade changed gear; there 
was no relief for Midi-Pyrénées - who failed to 
score. The treat is seeing many more foreign 
internationals in France’s ‘Top 14’ - tonic with 
power to entertain, and why we don’t have th’ 
like of it here is still frankly amazing 

Nothing beats Rugby as pure theatre - and to 
engage reputable players World-wide aids we 
true patriots in tracking the best calibre, to be 
constantly assessed for threats to supremacy, 
nothing untoward protecting ourselves, while 
still yet sincerely and appropriately blessed 

© 7 February 2014, I. D. Carswell