29 May 2014

Degree Of Synchronicity

While Christopher Pyne continues his saliva-enhanced attack 
on a piece of dreck issuing from ranks of the SA Liberal Party 
the rest of the Country strives to understand Hockey’s mess - 
which is supposed to be a budget; if Martin Hamilton-Smith’s 
defection from the Liberal benches of the SA Parliament to a 
ministerial post within its Labor Government means anything 
we’d guess it easier to see reason for than Joe’s meandering; 
yesterday debate was whether using public money is okay to 
‘sell’ the rationale Tony Abbott dismally failed to make clear 

Though devious characterising of our PM’s legendary ‘sneer’
duplicity combines neatly with a surreptitious wink and a nod, 
cauliflower ears & lecherous leering penchant he’s made his 
specialty; now what was it said about his version of honesty - 
ah, yes, he never deliberately lies unless his lips are moving, 
it would seem all that’s awry is the degree of synchronicity 

© 28 May 2014, I. D. Carswell