19 May 2014

Game Called Rugby

Wanting to watch the Waratahs have their egos 
trashed is a devilish fetish - especially when the 
game isn’t being played at home & the Referee 
maintains his cool; an adage of a ‘graveyard’ in 
Sydney for rugby mediators isn’t an odd joke - 
98% of 50,000 ignore infringements unless agin 
th’ Home team, or too glaringly an irresponsible 
death in what is supposedly their ‘safe custody’ 

But apparently that doesn’t matter in Perth; the 
Western Force, as they’re called, don’t see any 
anomaly in simply beating any team they’re up 
against without the crowd ruling as to whom or 
what rates a spectacle of supremacy. It is their 
idea of a game we like to see called rugby 

© 14 April 2014, I. D. Carswell