26 June 2014


Working for al-Jazeera may have pitfalls above 
and beyond the call of ‘journalistic’ pragmatism; 
the Egyptian Court of Law’s ‘travesty of justice’
means Peter Greste is to be jailed seven years 
for telling the truth in a way Egypt’s Judiciary is 
able only to see as false news defamation; will 
the pedants let it rest? I doubt it - freedoms of 
the free press have effectively ceased 

Paranoia dressed as prosecutors claims argue 
‘the peoples word’ is sullied; military campaign 
it would seem - and against any form of truth’s 
hegemony - there’s no Law but the gun point - 
any threat’s imagination is proof enough here 
as such when backed by endemic calumny

© 24 June 2014, I. D. Carswell