10 June 2014

Doggy Mate

You can’t properly call ‘im a mate if his 
first thought’s for his own ends but then 
he isn’t an original in being self-centred 
either; it’s not too hard to see ‘likeness’ 
in the qualification - it is where we’d all 
maintain common ground, like that test 
we had to pass as recognition we’d be 
eligible to be considered first place 

But I thought he was me mate ’n he’d 
put our friendship up front of his own 
seamy ‘predilections’, so a great idea 
for a bonzer lark’d be sure to include 
me; but no; the bugger hove off on ‘is 
own toute suite this morning

Now it’s up to me to be a good mate 
‘n rescue ‘im from a chilling reception 
the Lady’ll dump on ‘im if she gets to 
hear he’d wandered off footloose and 
fancy-free; but I was only visiting he’ll 
start to say - grinning from ear to ear 

© 5 May 2014, I. D. Carswell