09 June 2014

No House Hubby

No I’m not ‘The House Hubby’ - I’m a 
freelance problem solver with degree 
in domesticity; if you’d seen the way I 
‘fixed’ the washing machine you’d be 
an immediate fan. Now grey flecks on 
the clothes are from where? Weren’t 
there before the wash - so ergo, they 
must have come from within! 

Looked neath th’ agitator, and there a 
layer of ‘silt’ for want of a better word, 
sits, ready to flake off and eagerly join 
in the swish. So it got the short shrift - 
a ubiquitous burst of mould spray and 
the ire of a high pressure hosing 

Needless to say - clothes now wash a 
whole lot cleaner - in the olden way. 

© 30 April 2014, I. D. Carswell