08 June 2014

Rugby Eclat

Haven’t watched the game as yet - that’s 
tonight at eight, but the ad they used I’ve 
got to say is bloody great. That ‘chef’ has 
hit it right with passion as the ‘flavour’ we 
will grace in 80 minutes savour of a ‘test’, 
a grandiose ingredient you jest, and rare 
excepting les francaise whose rugby flair 
portends as legendary epicure. She’ll be

a feast of footy mate, th’ Wallabies have 
made some changes rated as the wiser 
way to greet the on-field dangers ‘frogs’ 
├ęclat will pose; mate, they’ll blow a gale 
to dampen Aussie spirits & impose their 
eminence of gallic urgency  

this game’ll be a ripper - wait and see! 
© 7 June 2014, I. D. Carswell

For the record: Wallabies 50 France 23