07 June 2014

Ride The Range

Let's set the record straight, compared 
globally our economy's not great yet its
'okay'; that's Australian idiom, all things 
considered meaning we're fine. But not 
if you're LNP orientated - where it says 
ALP failed blindly and we're so grossly 
indebted without any fiscal means that 
we've got to change now, start anew 

Which suggests return to olden views, 
a times-past economic stability where 
trends leading to a stock market crash 
were symptomatic, but doyens of that 
are still firm friends of a 'buddy-buddy' 
set sanctified in LNP companionability 

Hot air bandied around th’ Commission 
of Audit report by Hockey's cronies can 
hardly surprise - it's role is to excise all 
vestiges of labor policy firmly & quickly 
so no kudos can accrue - & they won't, 
not while Joe and Tony ride the range 

© 2 May 2014, I. D. Carswell