30 July 2014

Unique Reckoning

this is a tactile memory of what it 
means to be  and it is wholly true, 
there’s no blue substitute, go fool 
yourself elsewhere if you won’t be 
warned here’s where it’s at; ersatz 
versions of real morning embrace 
will fail, suborning the very idea of 
why such comfort really exists  

whereas the real deal shared in an 
awed moment’s awakening, bodily 
expressed in innocence, caresses 
encircling warm contours of nearly 
aware thought is as good as it can  
ever get at any breaking of dawn 

& there you will find me - halfway 
between delirious pinch of reality  
and waking dream - reaching for 
solidity which exists, connecting  
pillowed frame blending buttocks 
into a unique reckoning of you 

© 23 June 2014, I. D. Carswell