07 July 2014

State Of Origin

First of this year’s State of Origin series is 
th’ rage tonight, and just in case you didn’t 
know, we North of the Border folks are the 
‘laity’ excused patronymic ‘histrionics’ as a 
matter of principle, so we’re quite blatantly 
bound to engage in sledging officials and 
players whose Sate of Origin connection 
is unfortunately NSW - no shame in it, its 

History; - yes cousins, we’re talking Rugby 
League, the game closest to true sporting 
divinity containing unforsakable messages 
of brethren’s lore, & it says - be whomever 
you wish off the field, ponce and pander to 
media-sweet images - but when you play 

Mate, its for your State of Origin 

© 28 May 2014, I. D. Carswell

Pse note: at date of posting this year's rubber is already dead - earned by NSW 2 - 0. So if QLD is playing for anything it is a modicum of pride ...