06 July 2014

New Beginning

It is a difficult one to get to grips with - not 
in a vaguely disordinate sense, more in an 
inclination to avoid its meaning, a pretence 
if you like - it isn’t happening; I suppose its 
easier to see consequence other than real 
events deflated by your druthers, and gee, 
maybe that explains my denial’s extension 
into this mood of homme deshabille 

A nakedness supposed, it imagines all the 
veneers ripped away, best pay no heed to 
obvious constructs proposed by a regime’s 
polishing and cleaning - & who’s still a man 
unclothed of his fantasies; but we’re to sell 
this idea by hook or by crook 

Hopefully Monday’s ‘potential’ buyer’ll look 
at what is meant in the saying, expressing 
a vulnerability is an inept way to sell ideas, 
but to be thus and still meaningful lends a 
chance to begin again, you won’t cease to 
exist, you’re on a new centre-stage 

© 25 May 2014, I. D. Carswell