01 August 2014

Weathering The ‘Flu

Been the toughest three weeks in a while; 
from previous memory there’s rarely more 
than a few days despairing ever seeing an 
end to th’ damned viral pestilence, but not 
on this occasion, a theme we’ve begun to 
view as accruals of ageing, & ungratefully 
we might add; altho’ raging about it won’t 
change anything; isn’t like it once was or 
we’ve become easy targets to fey strains 
specifically mutating upon the over 60’s - 

So we slow pace, engage in sit and wait - 
mediate a piece accepting it as it is, and 
for what it is, recognise these symptoms 
as soberest rationalisations possible in a 
no-win situation where we fall foul easily 
& well short of its line’s sombre breadth, 
and yet there is no comfort in doing right 
when little death’s of once ‘unassailable’ 
privileges pall and freeze in ill-humoured 
atmospheres of incredulousness 

Why doesn’t it go away when it’s run its 
damned course is the tacit interrogation 
inciting us to muted antipathy - leave us 
be when you’ve conquered all the weak 
and lame in an unassailable victory; we 
would like nothing better than a slice of 
our lives back, less the headaches and 
phlegm-invested coughing-bouts; same 
is said by all in shamelessly dreading a 
case of this afterlife’s patent oligarchy 

© 31 July 2014, I. D. Carswell