20 August 2014

Ferguson, Mo

Whether Darren Wilson acted in fear of his own 
safety would seem difficult to explain - the sixth 
round fired made any excuses about restraint a 
nullity - on the other hand Michael Brown didn’t 
get an ounce of largesse in either surrendering 
or trying to run from danger, or more wounds; I 
cannot see Police in Ferguson, Missouri, were 
acting reservedly in a defensible sense either 

The Police Chief suggests their ‘role’ permits a 
statutory right to defend against any assessed 
or real dangers as for any citizen - saying in as 
many words they’re bearing arms in protection 
of themselves from the people they’re obliged 
to protect from themselves - shoo hooey! 

There’re some changes needed in Missouri, in 
effect police are employees of citizens they’re 
supposed to protect from themselves, or did it 
lose something in translating the idea into this 
riotous freelance citizen’s occasion where the 
crime is in protesting about lack of protection 
© 20 August 2014, I. D. Carswell