19 August 2014

Clive’s Rant

Clive is at it again whey hey, o rancour a-Billy Oh, 
he’s out there having his lusty say, with a ho hum 
and bring ’em down - the Chinese complained he
drained their funds, so bling ling let’s have some 
fun and spend it all on chocolate bars - whoopee 

It seems our ‘Palmer United Party’ leader is less 
y’all ’n more me than his usually extroverted rustic 
self or’ve we misunderstood which modus th’ PUP 
Senator hides behind if he’s into slanging matches 
concerning his soured business deals 

So we hear Clive Palmer’s invective about all the 
Communist Chinese politicians attempting, in his 
view, a takeover of Australian Ports while paying 
nothing for th’ ore we’re graciously shipping ‘em, 
& hey, they should be glad we’re ripping ‘em off 

But he’s not explaining why its his alleged $12m 
company funds syphoning that succeeded in off-
siding his Chinese ex-business partners to start 
Court proceedings for recovery, nor’ll it be likely 
we hear their side of the story either - whey hey 

© 19 August 2014, I. D. Carswell