18 August 2014

Propriety Poop

Propriety poop is what I see - displaying a picture 
of Tony Abbott’s salacious wink, the true gauge of 
his Neo nefarious character is un-linkable, or so it 
seems; maybe it’s a political correctness’s age of 
distressed constipated excess at seeing what we 
really elected as our Leader - possibly - yet much 
more likely it is the ’copyright argument’s’ slanted 
propriety twisted into ingenuously snobbish bias 

C’est la vie, I’m not particularly impressed by this 
‘google-ness’ yet deal with it daily - like using an 
air-conditioner with propensity for malfunctioning 
when gauging one’s character, you will never be 
comfortable with the atmosphere unless you’re a 
key figure seated where it’s controls used to be 

© 11 July 2014, I. D. Carswell