14 August 2014

WRWC - 2014

And despite atrociously blasé refereeing - there 
are off-side rules you know, Canada managed to 
beat ‘Les Belles’ Francaise, a WRWC semi-final, 
18 - 16; they will meet England in Sunday’s final 

Tho if you’d dare suggest th’ girls were too meek 
to make it a real contest - think again; the energy 
invested wasn’t only displayed in cool hairdos or 
wicked braiding, though there were some to see 

On-the-field etiquette differs a bit from ‘manners’ 
expressed in gentle-womanly handbooks; and if 
they exist then they’ll need to be rewritten quite 
comprehensively by these emancipated ladies 

Real combat at ruck & maul laid the panty-waist 
claims to rest -  and battles of brawn vs wits lost 
nothing in the dramatic test; emotion and energy 
were partnered with speed and agility, even the 

Impact tackles made cause involuntary tears to 
a cliche of genderless eyes regardless, & rite of 
passage suggests bases for ‘natural’ selection’s 
successes start right there on a field of contest 

But they didn’t lose their femininity pursuing ‘the 
enemy’ aggressively, as wont of a way of saying; 
indeed the beauty of many became iconic in the 
on-field deeds they performed with real finesse 

And in the end - their emotion acclaimed 
© 14 August 2014, I. D. Carswell

Woman’s Rugby World Cup (France) 2014