15 August 2014

Predatory Snooze

So we indulge in a wee bit of shuteye just 
after midday - predatory snooze designed 
to restore instinct, focus energies; it might 
brighten a gelid morning’s otherwise braw 
intransigence - it’ll be a gloomy evening’s 
dewfall with eyelid’s hoar-frosted shutters 
drooping, an endurance I’m not impatient 
for unless thru this repose’s invention 

Must’ve been something we ate you claim, 
that bits and bobs leftover ‘creation’, it had 
us awake 2am for the soccer match yet to 
be played - that’s on Wednesday dammit - 
so here I am 15 mins abed for a catnap to 
clear the shelves - bowels already free 

As such, the woe-is-me translates beer for 
lunch as infamy’s primary candidate - that 
excuse exonerates a small part of me age 
accuses of indigence, but I’m not properly 
over the ‘flu either - desolately explaining 
nothing except need-to-be-heard, maybe

© 8 July 2014, I. D. Carswell